Whether you are hauling a horse with your trailer or moving lawn equipment to the next job, you need to have a reliable and safe trailer jack. There are a number of different styles of trailer jacks which you need to take into consideration when choosing the best one for you. Some of the typical choices in trailer jacks are the A-frame trailer jack, swivel trailer jack, drop leg trailer jack and the stabilizer jack.

One of the most popular types of trailer jacks is the A-frame trailer jack. The A-frame trailer jack is your traditional hand crank jack which supports the front end of your load. The A-frame trailer jack is easy to use and maintain. The A-frame jack is composed of an inner tube, which allows for the jack to raise and lower by cranking on a lever. The A-frame trailer jack is an efficient and safe solution to your needs. The A-frame jacks are designed to be used with a caster foot as well for easy movement.

Another option for a trailer jack is the swivel jack. The swivel jacks are ideal for a number of different applications which allows the jack to swing away during travel. With easy assembly, the swivel jack is optimal for hauling a load over uncertain or uneven terrain with the ability to swivel away. This may become important in areas with an uneven terrain. The last thing you want is for your jack to bottom out due to uneven terrain.

Your choices in trailer jacks expand when you include the drop leg jack. The drop leg action allows for stability and versatility which is key in hauling and storing your loads. The drop leg jack can be adjusted to a number of different positions, which provides you with the flexibility that other jacks may not provide.

When looking at options for trailer jacks, there are a number of different types. Each jack is built different, but all of them offer you the safety and security for your hauling needs.

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