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Customer Profile: EquipmentShare NZ

We’re proud to have customers like EquipmentShare, so we visited them at their new branch in Silverdale.

Danny tells about the history and vision of EquipmentShare including how they started, what they offer their customers.

Stocking up with equipment for their new Silverdale branch they also took delivery of 5 new Yanmar Vio17’s compact excavators all fitted with the new Mini-Tilt hitch, which we got a chance to see out on hire!

Read the profile on our website: https://www.attach2.com/nz/blog/customer-profile-equipmentshare

Attach2 is a premium attachment supplier with manufacturing hubs and offices in New Zealand, Australia and North America. We do more than just make attachments; we work with our end-users and dealers to make operator-centric attachments that improve productivity and user-friendliness.

Fast Fulfilment – Quality Assured – Excavator Performance – Product Utility

Learn more about Attach2:
Website: https://www.attach2.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Attach2Equip
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attach2equip/
LinkedIn: https://nz.linkedin.com/company/attach2-equipment-ltd

We Supply: Hydraulic Quick Couplers, Tilting Hitches, Buckets, Wide Buckets, Mud Buckets, Tilt Buckets, Trench Buckets, Spade Buckets, All in One Buckets, Multi Grab Buckets, Rotating Grabs, Rippers, Root Rakes, Track Guards


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