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Home Blog Video etrailer | Husky Channel Tongue Trailer Couplers Repair Kit Review

etrailer | Husky Channel Tongue Trailer Couplers Repair Kit Review

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Full transcript:
Today we’ll be having a look at the Husky repair kit for Husky channel tongue trailer couplers with a 2″ ball. Part number HT87084. This rebuild kit is a cost effective and easy solution to repair your coupler while it’s still on your trailer. This will allow you to fix all the internal moving pieces of it, which wear out and can be damaged over time and use. This’ll keep you from having to replace your entire coupler, which can be welded on your trailer at some time. Here’s what our coupler repair kit comes with. We have our new latch mechanism, which will draw up our ball latch here, which will secure a ball inside our coupler, which will be our attachment point between our tow vehicle and our trailer. Two new springs, a new locknut, and our new plate.

One nice thing about our latch mechanism is it does have the pin which secures our latch so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally popping up and uncouple your trailer. It’s already pre-attached, so we have a new pin there as well. For demonstration purposes, we have a coupler here off of a trailer, so we can easily manipulate it and show you all the inner workings of it. Now, in order to get started, we’ll start here by pulling our pin out, right here. Pin out. Grab our latch.

Open up the coupler. Flip it over. On the bottom, we’ll find a nut here. We only need one tool in order to repair our coupler. We use a 3/4″ socket on a ratchet. We’ll loosen this nut.

Once we have it loose, we should be able to loosen it off the rest of the way by hand. Take the nut off. Take our small spring off. Take our plate off here. We can just do that by flipping it over and it will fall right out.

Take our ball latch here, flip up, pull off. Remove our big spring here. Now we can just pull our latch mechanism out. Now, we have a completely empty coupler, just have the housing right here. This part really never wears out. We’re replacing all the parts on the inside that could be worn out or broken. This will allow you to do a quick and easy repair and get your trailer back on the road easily, cheaply, and safely. We’ll start out by taking our new latch mechanism, pushing it through. Take our spring, drop it down. Our new ball catch, slide that right there, down through there. Drop our plate down. Drop our small spring on. Thread on a new nut. We’ll snug that down. Right about there should be okay. Really, you can adjust the amount of tension that our coupler will grab onto our ball by tightening this down even further. Right here we’ll just leave it where it’s at for now. Grab our coupler latch here. We’ll close it. Make sure it latches and it does. Right there should be plenty of room to grab on nicely and tightly to our ball on our hitch. Again, we can adjust it later if we need to. We’ll take our new pin here and insert it. This will keep our coupler from being able to be open. Just that quickly, we have a repaired coupler ready to hook up to our tow vehicle and get back on the road again. And that completes our look at the Husky repair kit for Husky channel tongue trailer couplers with a 2″ ball. Part number HT87084.


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