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Home Blog Video etrailer | Steal Shield Bulldog Trailer Coupler Lock Review

etrailer | Steal Shield Bulldog Trailer Coupler Lock Review

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Full transcript:
Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Steal Shield Bulldog Trailer Coupler Lock, for Bulldog Collar Lock Couplers, part number SS05108. This coupler lock is a great way to prevent your trailer from getting stolen. The visible shield fully encloses your Bulldog Collar Lock Coupler, and is daunting to would-be thieves. The built-in lock secures the lock coupler to the trailer, and it has a six-pin design, which is difficult to pick. There is a dust cap, which will go over the lock, which will prevent dust, dirt and moisture from getting into the lock core. This steal shield coupler lock is made of stainless steel and is durable and rust-resistant.

It fits one and seven eighths-inch, two-inch, and two and five sixteenths-inch ball sizes. The locking bar and enclosed case are made of a heavy-duty black powder-coated steel. It weighs six pounds and comes with a limited one year warranty. Now that we’ve gone over some of the special features of the Steal Shield Bulldog Trailer Lock Coupler, we’ll go ahead and show you how to install it. To begin our installation, we’ll first need to place the bracket where the locking bar goes through onto our collar. We can then take a pen, pencil or paint marker to mark where we’re going to need to weld this bracket.

Now, before welding it, you want to make sure that this lever here does not get in the way when you’re locking or unlocking your coupler. We would then weld it in place, but for today’s demonstration, we will not be welding this bracket onto our coupler. Now, we’ll need to unlock the locking mechanism in our coupler lock. You can see that this silver tab is facing downward. Unlocked, you can see that the silver tab will come up into the locking mechanism. Now, we’re ready to slide it onto our coupler.

We’ll then take our locking bar, slide it through the holes, making sure that it goes through that bracket in which is welded to our coupler, come out the other side, push it down, and lock. This locking pin is going to go through the hole of our locking bar, and since that bracket is welded to our trailer’s coupler, it’s going to prevent anybody from taking it off and accessing the point on the coupler. Then, we can go ahead and replace our dust cover. And with that, that’ll complete today’s review of the Steal Shield Bulldog Trailer Coupler Lock, for Bulldog Lock Couplers, part number SS05108. .


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