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Home Blog Video etrailer | Titan Multi-Fit Couplers Latch Repair Kit Installation

etrailer | Titan Multi-Fit Couplers Latch Repair Kit Installation

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Full transcript:
Today we’ll be looking at a latch repair kit for Titan Multi-fit Couplers and Brake Actuators. Part number T4045400. It would also work with Dico and Demco models 60 hydraulic actuators. Today we’re using a Titan Actuator, Part number T43397007K for demonstration purposes. Things that our kit comes with, we have our new ball catch here, our new hand crank, two new bolts, various clips, a spring, a nut, and a hog ring to help secure our hand crank to our assembly. Now the reason you want this kit is in case your coupler is damaged and no longer grips onto your ball properly, or your hand crank is difficult to use. This will assist you in fixing those items so you still have a functioning coupler on your trailer without having to replace the entire assembly.

It’s an easier installation this way, you don’t have to worry about inaudible 00:01:04 your brakes again by replacing the coupler assembly. For safety purposes, when you’re doing this repair on your trailer, you want to make sure you chalk the wheels on it so you don’t have to worry about your trailer rolling forward or backward. We’re doing this form this one off a trailer for demonstration purposes so we can easily flip it over and show you what’s going on with it. Makes it a lot easier for us and for you to comprehend how to do this repair. We’ll start with taking out our existing hog ring here, use a flat head screwdriver, and we’ll pry it off just like that. With the hog ring removed, press down here and we’ll remove our hand wheel. Set that aside and we’re going to flip it over now.

Remove the bolt, set it to the side. Remove spacer and set it aside, we’ll save this one since our replacement kit does not come with one. Take our our spring, set it aside and we’ll take out the hand wheel lock and we’ll set that aside as well. We’ll flip it back over again, now we’ll remove this nut and this bolt. Use a five-eight socket and an eleven-sixteenth wrench. This is easier when it is actually on the trailer obviously because it won’t be moving around.

We take the nut off and set it aside, flip it over again. Push our bolt on out, take the bolt out. Now we can remove our ball latch, set it aside. We’ll take our new ball latch, slide it into place, take our new bolt, line through and through the shock. We’ll install the new nut, snug that on down.

When that’s snug down, flip it over again. We’ll take our new handle lock and drop it into place. Take our spring and seat it into position. Take our plate and drop it in. Take our other plate and drop it in. Drop our other new bolt though, with that pushed through we’ll hold onto it. Grab our new handle and we’ll spin it on down. Once it starts to catch we can let go of the bolt underneath and we’ll crank this up and install our new hog ring. We’ll bend it out a little bit so it’s more straight. It will go through this hole like that and pull it through. We’ll wrap it around so it’s secure. That will keep our hand crank from being cranked all the way off. With that done, your coupler is now rebuilt and you’re ready to hook up your truck and go down the road again. That completes our look at the latch repair kit for Titan Multi-fit Couplers and Brake Actuators. Part number T4045400.


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