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How To Fix Sprinkler Pipe Leaking, Gushing Underground DIY

Welcome to your nightmare PVC pipe sprinkler fail. In this sprinkler pipe repair video we show you how to fix a cracked sprinkler pipe gushing water underground. Many people with an old sprinkler system will find substandard thin walled sprinkler pipes that are dried out and cracked. Maybe you have found yourself in the position where you have a cracked sprinkler pipe from a shovel hitting it, so now you need to learn How To Fix Sprinkler Pipes Gushing Underground. This sprinkler pipe repair video will show you every step of the way how to repair your sprinkler pipe burst.

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DIY sprinkler pipe repair

Fixing cracked sprinkler pipes can be a challenge if you have fixed pipe ends on either side of the cracked pipe. The reason is in order to cement in a new pipe, at least one side of the pipe either the left or the right must be able to move away and open up a gap that is an inch or two in order to accommodate the new repair pipe section and it’s inline PVC pipe couple fitting. Then you pull the pipe back to cement into the cracked PVC pipe repair coupling. But if you have fixed ends blocked by sidewalks, or the cracked sprinkler pipe is too fragile to risk flexing it, you may be stuck.

how to fix cracked sprinkler pipe

If you can’t move the endpoints away to allow the PVC sprinkler repair pipe to fit in, then you have to use an adjustable PVC repair fitting. these Expansion Pipe Repair Coupling are telescopic, so you slide one side of the PVC pipe repair fitting into the body of the part, then apply cement to the end of it, line it up to the sprinkler pipe in the ground where it is supposed to attach, then telescopically slide the fitting back out of the housing and over the sprinkler pipe in the ground.


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