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Quick Tips for Simple Towing

As you wind your way down the long highways across the country, nothing is more inconvenient than having a sudden issue with your trailer. Whether it is a problem with the wheels and tires, the hitch or other critical working parts, safety is key. You could be towing a camper, or you could be hauling your prized horse. If you want to continue to keep your trailer and its parts in the best shape possible, take a look at these tips for making life easier when towing.

Know Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity
It is extremely important to know the towing capacity of your particular vehicle before you start using a trailer. The owner’s manual of your vehicle should directly pinpoint the exact weight that your vehicle is capable of towing. Should you exceed that weight, it could cause severe wear and tear on both your vehicle and the trailer, as well as create a hazardous driving situation. Stay safe; know your limits ahead of time.

Check the Lights on the Trailer

A broken or malfunctioning taillight can put other drivers at risk. Sudden stops without the warning signal of a brake light or a directional signal could cause significant damage to the following vehicle, the trailer and potentially cause injuries to individuals within the vehicles. On top of that, instead of fixing a minimal issue, the problem would be compounded with even more damage to the trailer. Always perform a visual inspection before heading out on the road with your trailer.

Keep Up on Tire Maintenance

Your trailer wheels need air and maintenance too, just as much as any other vehicle. Low tire pressure means your vehicle has to work harder to pull, and wheels that are unstable can create hazardous driving conditions.

Keep Spare Trailer Parts Handy

You may not always be in a convenient location in the event that a problem arises with your trailer. You could be twenty miles from the nearest town when a problem strikes, so it would always be beneficial to have some common trailer parts on hand to make a quick fix in order to get back on the road.

As you get more experienced with using trailers, keep safety in mind at all times and you will do just fine.

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