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Tips Every Landscaper Can Use to Prepare for Spring

Although everyone has been in panic mode over the winter weather and spent time and money stocking up on salt, snow shovels, and snow blowers, spring really is right around the corner. For owners of landscaping companies, now is the time to take inventory of all machinery and accessories. Think about what equipment needs to be repaired or replaced and come up with a game plan on how to get it all done before spring is here. Take the time now to make sure your business is ready to move once the birds start chirping and the sun shines brighter. Below are things to consider while checking on equipment and supplies.


Trailer Lights – Most people don’t think to check on utility trailer parts and make sure that the lights and electrical components are working on them. Replacing these parts now will save you a lot of time, aggravation, and possibly even a ticket. If you need to order new bulbs or light fixtures, it’s smart to buy a couple extra to have on hand in case another goes out.  Having some in stock in your shop will make replacement of the next a breeze.

Rakes – Unfortunately, rakes usually have to be replaced every season. Take a look at your inventory and see which can stay and which need to be swapped out for new ones.

Fuel and Air Filters – Check the air and fuel filters on all of your equipment, especially your leaf blowers. These should be cleaned out on a bi-weekly basis and definitely at the beginning of every season. Flush any old gas out of all of your equipment and refill with fresh gasoline and a fuel stabilizer. This step will help keep your equipment running all throughout the season.

Flower and Plant Ordering – Before the shop gets beyond busy, price compare the vendors you’ll be using for your flower, plant, and shrubbery orders. Make phone calls and see if vendors are offering any new customer discounts or early ordering specials. You might be surprised and find a new supplier that is cheaper and more reliable than the one you currently work with.

Preparing ahead of time for the coming season will keep your landscaping business one step ahead of the rest. And taking the time to perform simple maintenance on your machines and replace utility trailer parts is an intrinsic part of that. Make sure that all of your equipment is up-to-date and in good working order before it becomes an issue.

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